The mission of “PYP The Hamptons” is to engage women in philanthropy and to collectively fund grants to charitable initiatives that serve the Hamptons.

We are committed to promoting volunteerism by educating our membership about worthwhile local charities. We help our members become informed about philanthropic choices and to meet other women who share their interest in local philanthropy.

The major difference between PYP and other grant-funding organizations is that we get the chance to pitch one another to steer the money to our own passion projects. Like Shark Tank…for philanthropy.

Since the inception of PYP Greenwich, we have expanded to the greater Seattle area (2017), as well as Chicago (2020). PYP The Hamptons was started in 2023 to serve the East End of Long Island, New York.

How it Works

We collect annual dues of $1,000 per member (or more if members choose to donate more), pool the dollars, and give at least one grant annually. 100% of the dues are awarded as grants to local nonprofits. We ask that members also contribute a suggested donation of $50 or more to help cover our expenses.

Where we Started

In 2016, Brooke Bohnsack teamed up with Nina Lindia, Dara Johnson, and Rachael LeMasters to launch Pitch Your Peers. The four brainstormed the concept for PYP as a way to combine many charitable contributions so they could make a big impact in the Greenwich community. They also hoped PYP would provide a platform for its members to learn about new Greenwich charities while making an educated decision about where to give their donations.​​

Brooke will forever be grateful to her three co-founders, Nina, Dara, and Rachael for their dedication and commitment to PYP.  Since its inception, PYP has expanded to The Hamptons, Seattle, and Chicago. To date, Pitch Your Peers has funded over $1.5 million in grants to over 40 local non-profits.

Pitch Your Peers, Inc. (PYP, pronounced “pipe”) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt grant-giving charitable organization founded in Greenwich, CT in 2016.