Pitch Your Peers The Hamptons
A Collaborative Local Giving Concept
Hosts Inaugural Pitch Day on October 28, 2023

East Hampton, NY (October 25, 2023) — Pitch Your Peers (PYP), a new collective philanthropy concept, is hosting their inaugural Pitch Day on October 28th from 9-10 AM at Scoville Hall in Amagansett.

After launching PYP The Hamptons in April 2023, the chapter has gathered 25 philanthropic women in the community to collectively identify and research deserving local nonprofits for an opportunity to be awarded the group’s inaugural grant of at least $25,000. By pooling the $1,000 per person membership donations, PYP members can provide this larger, transformational grant to a local nonprofit organization they have selected.

The inaugural Pitch Day this October is the result of seven months of active participation by PYP members to identify deserving organizations in The Hamptons, conduct research and then pitch the organization to the group. The grant review process is comprehensive and after the round of pitches on October 28th, PYP members will vote to award the $25,000 plus grant to one of the organizations. There is no RFP process and only members can pitch the causes that matter to them and vote on grant winners.

The following four nonprofit Hamptons organizations have been selected to be pitched on October 28.

1. East End Food Institute

“The PYP model is exciting as the grant is substantial and will allow the winning nonprofit to amp up its programming and impact. I’m passionate about East End Food and am looking forward to “pitching” it and getting more people passionate about it, whether East End Food wins the grant or not.” —Cindi Crain, Vice Chair

East End Food is creating systemic change in our local food system to make it more resilient, sustainable, equitable and environmentally sound. We pioneered a produce aggregating and distribution system that gets nutritious local food to more people, and we run a bustling commercial kitchen that extends the life and revenue potential of farmers’ produce. Our work behind the scenes across the Twin Forks keeps farmers in business and connects their bounty more effciently and robustly with the community.

2. Springs Food Pantry

“We are all one and must treat and help others in our communities the way we would want to be treated. You get what you give in life.” —Amy Leopold

In 1992, Springs Food Pantry was established by a few members of the Springs Presbyterian Church to help our local fishing and farming families struggling through the tough winter months.

Springs Food Pantry is now independent and nondenominational, operating as a 501(c)(3).

3. i-tri

“We are so excited to be included in the inaugural PYP The Hamptons event and are so grateful to Brooke Bohnsack and her team for recognizing the great need that exists throughout the Hamptons. Bringing the PYP idea to our community gives the amazing non-profits of the East End an opportunity and platform to get the word out on the incredible and impactful work being done right here in our own backyards.” —Alyssa Channin, Program Director

i-tri is a Sport for Youth Development Program that empowers middle school girls through the sport of triathlon. i-tri focuses on working with middle-school girls because research shows the largest drop in self-esteem occurs during early adolescence; 69% of elementary school-aged girls reported being “happy the way I am.” That figure plummets to 29% for high school girls.

i-tri girls learn to believe in themselves, and that can change everything. Along the journey to the finish line of a youth distance triathlon, our girls discover that they are capable, strong, and brave. They make connections that show them that while they are unique, they’re not alone. Side by side, with new friends, i-tri girls learn to go inward to find their own strengths and to help others find theirs.

4. East Hampton Education Foundation

“An education is the most powerful tool to allow us to thrive personally and to collectively change the world for the better.” — —Randi Ball

East Hampton Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 by dedicated parents, educators, business people, and community members with a mission of providing life- long learning and enhancing educational opportunities to students in Montauk, Amagansett, Springs, East Hampton, Wainscott and Sagaponack.

Why PYP The Hamptons?

Founder Brooke Bohnsack and her family are full-time residents in Amagansett, New York, and she is thrilled to bring the PYP concept to the East End of Long Island. PYP The Hamptons is also led by Rhian Horgan, Vice President & Finance Chair, and Julie Gauger, Community Impact & Grant Chair.

“This is not just about making a donation,” says Brooke, “PYP members are actively involved in selecting the local charity to receive the award as they engage in a vigorous pitch process to educate one another and evaluate their favorite charities. Every dollar raised will go directly to the grant award.”

“We would like our members to be actively engaged in the vetting process and to learn more about local charities that they may never have even heard of or knew little about. Even if a charity is not selected to win the grant, they still win in our minds because our 25 plus members will have learned about important areas of need throughout The Hamptons,” said Rhian Horgan.

Those interested in getting involved can send an email to: brooke@pypthehamptons.org

Pitch Your Peers Inc. (PYP, pronounced “pipe”) is a fully tax- exempt, grant-giving charitable organization that started in the town of Greenwich, Connecticut in 2016. Since the inception of PYP Greenwich, we have expanded to the greater Seattle area (2017), as well as Chicago (2020). PYP The Hamptons was started in 2023 to serve the East End of Long Island, New York.

Our mission is to engage women in philanthropy and to collectively fund grants to charitable initiatives that serve the Hamptons. We are committed to promoting volunteerism by exposing our Membership to many local worthwhile charities. We help our Members become more educated and informed about philanthropic choices and meet women who share their interest in local philanthropy.

For those interested in the 2024 PYP class, we welcome any women in The Hamptons to join by filling out a membership questionnaire here.

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