Pitch Your Peers is Launching a Collaborative Local Giving Concept in the Hamptons

On Saturday April 29, Pitch Your Peers The Hamptons (PYP) will launch their unique collaborative giving concept to the Hamptons, resulting in a charitable award of $25,000 to a local charity. Since launching their first PYP in Greenwich, Connecticut, in 2016, PYP founders have expanded PYP to Seattle, Chicago and now the Hamptons. To date, PYP has funded over $1.5 million in grants to over 40 local non-profits.

PYP The Hamptons will host their first informational meeting at The Clubhouse in East Hampton to educate those interested in joining. If you would like to attend and learn more, please contact Brooke Bohnsack at Brooke@pypthehamptons.org.

Founder Brooke Bohnsack and her family are now full-time residents in Amagansett, New York, and she is thrilled to bring the PYP concept to the East End of Long Island. PYP The Hamptons will be also be lead by Rhian Horgan, Vice President & Finance Chair, and Julie Gauger, Community Impact & Grant Chair.

“This is not just about making a donation,” says Brooke. “PYP Members are actively involved in selecting the local charity to receive the award as they engage in a vigorous pitching process to educate one another and evaluate their favorite charities. Every dollar raised will go directly to the grant award.”

“My friends and I often talk about how we are so fortunate to live in the Hamptons and we want to share this gratitude by giving back to charities in our community,” added Brooke.

PYP The Hamptons answers the need to this dilemma. PYP will provide an opportunity for women to educate one another about local Hamptons charities and then give them the opportunity to collectively grant a significant award to make a difference right here at home.

The donation to join as a member is $1000, but for those that would like to participate, but can’t support at this level can work to find a donation that works. There is no RFP process. Only members can pitch the causes that matter to them and only members can vote on grant winners. It is essentially Shark Tank… for charity.

“We would like our members to be actively engaged in the vetting process and learn more about local charities that they may never have even heard of or knew little about. Even if a charity is not selected to win the grant, they still win in our minds because our 25 members will have learned about an area of need in the Hamptons they might not have known about,” said Brooke.

Those interested in getting involved can send an e-mail to Brooke@pypthehamptons.org.

Pitch Your Peers

Our mission is to engage women in local philanthropy and to collectively fund grants to nonprofit initiatives that serve their community. Through our internal pitch process, our members educate their peers about unmet needs in the community by championing the causes about which they are most passionate. Pitch Your Peers is committed to promoting volunteerism, informed philanthropy, and collaborative giving, as well as to fostering connections among women looking to share and grow their interests in these areas. Pitch Your Peers is a 501(c)(3) public charity